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King also founded the School of Mentors and Protégés (SOMAP) as a hub for networking resources for Skills transference and Enterprise among Leadership Communities. Mandela has successfully served as a Gospel Youth Minister in church organizations and as President to the New Generation (A Youth Movement under AGLOW). Mr. Johnes has as well served the Public Health sector as a District (IPT/TB) Program Coordinator and conduit for a paradigm shift towards preventive health care. He extensively worked with youth in the workplace and religious circles in the promotion of Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development.


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King Mandela U. Johnes is Founder and CEO of Mandel Johnes Corporation- A Multi-Enterprise in Talent Liberation Solutions and Leadership development. He is the Founding President of the Global Leadership and Influence; A Mandela Johnes Foundation for Youth and Graduate Enhancements.



Our place of fulfillment and happiness, freedom and Purpose, let alone Excellence in Service delivery and talent Expression lies within our Personal Eccentric Engagement and connectedness to our True Work, intentional Learning, and Capacities to love where we are, what we do, and what we ought to be.

My mission is To Engage People, Inform Minds and Transform hearts.



I love Africa and I love the art of talent, the Intricacy of Gift and Skill Application. I love the Dynamism of Human Capital in Creativity, Invention, and Ingenuity. The exploration of Human Potential in the Leadership and Enterprise Space intrigues me! I love to learn, relearn and share the dynamics of Business Ventures and Human Engagement, the Cultures as we drive for Socio-economic impact and freedoms of our Continent. We must redefine Africa if we must transform the World.


Mr Johnes has as well served the Public Health sector as a District IPT/TB) Program Coordinator and conduit for paradigm shift towards preventive health care. He extensively worked with youth in the work place and religious circles in promotion of Personal, Professional and Leadership development.

I love to be in a place where peer influence adds value, where inspiring change is constant, transformation is conduit and serving purpose is mandatory” ~ MU J



, 2007–2010



2013 to 2018

For the love and heart for Millennials and youth in the Workplace, King Johnes has been contracted and engaged to speak, coach, mentor, facilitate and train yet not limited to the following themes in diverse setups of Individual, private, and governmental organs engagements: Personal Branding, Personal Development, Setting and Achieving Goals, Coaching and Mentoring, Paradigm Shift, Social intelligence, Community Engagement and Transformation, Generation Gaps.

2017 to 2018
Johnes was contract to model and act FNB Botswana Gold Card campaign TV Commercial ~ ABI Films

2016 to 2017
Face of Pula Medical Aid Executive Cover, Promos and Print | AFA Botswana

2015 to 2017
Introduced to the Film and Acting industry, Mandela was lead actor in the Award Winning Orange Botswana 4G Campaign TV and Print Commercials| ABI Films

2014 to 2015
Pula Medical Aid set to an agreement for its Premium Cover Campaign with King for Print commercial and Promotionals.